I am Paco and I have been making music all my life


Hi there, thank you for visiting my website.

Of course my name isn’t Mister Paco, but since I came to Spain and played here and there everybody started to call me “Paco”.

I’ve been a musician for almost all my life. Been playing guitar since I was 14 and still play. I’ve picked up a few other instruments and also wrote a few books.

I started playing on a guitar of my older brother and my first little band was with my brothers. Playing songs of Bob Dylan and CSN&Y.

When I was 18, I went to a musical school to get me a decent education. I studied classical music from Yepez, Bach, Tarrega and others. Did a few concerts but found out it wasn’t my thing.

In the early 80th I formed a band “Still at Large”, a band without a drummer.

We did a lot of gigs, playing songs from Zappa, Beefheart and our own songs.

Somehow, like it always seems to go, the band stopped (actualy it was because the singer got a contract with a recordlabel and decided to leave the band).

Playing on my own again, I travelled a bit and somehow got stuck in Greece for more then 7 years.

When I came back I started a duo called MG Acoustic, first a duo and after a while a harmonica player joined the band. We made a CD and did a lot of gigs.

Years later I, again started a duo, Brigs.

Played a couple of years and after a while a cajon player and someone on double bass joined. As a band we did a lot of gigs and with “video’s” you can hear one or two clips.

Living in Spain I started a band called “Broken River band”. Again no drums, just bass, my guitar and a singer. The band didn’t last too long due to big ego’s I suppose.




So here I am, on my own again. I still play at pubs and other venues, and I decided to start paying home-concerts. Just at your own home, small concerts, 1, 2 or 3 times half an hour.

If you would like to hear me play for you, please contact me through my email or FaceBook pages.